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Our quality and commitment brought us to front pages of newspapers and magazines. MoZZipatch™ all natural ingredients with high concentration of Citrepel® 75 (P-menthane-3,8-diol) are recognized by leading health organizations and naturalists. With absolutely no side effects, the patches are suitable for whole family. Kids can wear it sticked on clothes, backpacks or hats, not even noticing it. MoZZipatch™ freshness will not interfere your favorite new perfume, but will cheer you up with discrete lemon aroma if you don’t have any. 


MoZZipatch™ is suitable for everyday use.

The feature is recognized by METRO News – The world’s most popular free newspaper and promoted in one of issues. Warmly recommended by METRO News for holiday travels (especially for overseas travels), MoZZipatch™ is imperceptible accessory.


HEADING into winter sun? Lucky you. Pack a MoZZipatch™, a natural mosquito repellent patch that you can attach to your clothes rather than your skin.



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“Looking forward to you holidays but concerned about mosquitoes?”

Travel guide recommends Mozzipatch™ for holiday travels. To be honest, mosquitoes are not common in UK these days. But if you are sick of cold days and decide to take your family more southern, visiting warm, or even hot destinations, you definitely want to get rid of mozzi bites. For all of us who dislike lotions on skin (our or our children’s), MoZZipatch™ is brilliant way of protection. We are all aware mozzies for their bites, but did you know mosquitoes are world’s deadliest animal, with over one million confirmed kills every year? Most common diseases mosquitoes can cause are:


Be sure you are not leaving your house without MoZZipatch™. Especially if you are visiting tropical destinations.

mozzipatch mosquito repellent patches in the press


Mayfair life

Let’s not forget The Mayfair Magazine, the highest quality lifestyle title in London.

Targeting residents, affluent visitors to the area and its sophisticated, discerning working population, they found MoZZipatch™ worth of their attention, not as luxury, but as everyone’s need. 




National Parenting Product Awards 


Once again MoZZipatch™ is recognized as most valuable product, and proposed for National Parenting Product Awards. We invite you to stay with us and see who will be winner of these prestigious award. And of course, we invite you to vote for us!


Besides recognizing MoZZipatch™ quality, do you know what else is common for these press?

They all bring promo coupon in it. If you buy 3 boxes of Mozzipatch™ here on our official website, using promo code “holiday” you will pay for 2 boxes and get third one for free! (Psssst! I didn’t tell you that…)

And, don’t forget: MoZZipatch™ has free home delivery in UK. Can’t be easier than this…




List of publications that have written about MoZZipatch™:

Metro free newspaper 












Angels and urchins






Top Sante






Woman’s own






Daily Express





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