March 9, 2016

Insects and Diseases

Mosquitoes spread many diseases which can be extremely harmful to humans.

Every year, mosquitoes take over one million (1.000.000) human lives spreading the diseases. Most often targets are children and pregnant women, as weakest of us. Some of mosquito borne diseases are:

MoZZipatch™ is effective mosquito repellent that helps to repel biting insects, hence make sure you have properly protected yourself and your family. 

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2 thoughts on “Insects and Diseases

  • hi is one patch per person enough every 8 hours or do you need a patch on your trousers one on you top and one on your hat?

    • Hi Jo! One patch is enough for at least 8 hours of protection! Patch releases subtle smell repelling mosquitoes. However, for adults, you can use 2 patches at the same time (one on upper part of clothes, and one on trousers) for even better protection.

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