February 2, 2017

How To Play

MoZZipatch™ – Beat the BuZZ online game is easy to play, suitable for all ages, free and safe! No parental advisory needed.


Game is developed with a single purpose: TO HAVE FUN!!

However, if you are the highest scorer of the week, WE WILL SEND YOU FREE PACK OF MOZZIPATCH™ mosquito repellent patches. Yes, that simple!



You have 5 chances/lives. Controlling it with your mouse, touchpad or other input device, move the mosquito swat over screen and click on the mosquitoes which fly all around. Every mosquito you hit gives you 1 (one) point. Every mosquito you miss, takes one life away. The Mosquitoes fly faster and faster with time, so you will need to concentrate and move faster. Your lives are shown in lower right hand side corner as 5 (five) mosquito swats. Every mozzi you miss will bite you and take one swat from you. You miss 5 mosquitoes, and your fight is over! 
Of course, you can play over and over again without any limitation. And best result will be awarded!
So, keep playing.

There are 4 different battlefield for you to choose. Fight mozzies in living room, basement, woods cabin or on original MoZZipatch™ background: find environment you feel most comfortable, and beat them! Choosing battlefield will not affect score. 


Please leave your email address in text field, or connect to game with your facebook account (one click connection). We are committed to protecting all the information you share with us. WE WILL NOT SHARE YOUR INFO! WE WILL USE YOUR EMAIL OR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT ONLY TO CONTACT YOU IF YOU ARE THE HIGHEST SCORER OF THE WEEK. If the highest scorer of the week hasn’t left email address, or hasn’t connected with facebook, we will be unable to contact winner. In that case, award will be given to top most ranked player with contact info.


Every week we give one packet of MoZZipatch™ mosquito repellent patches (12 patches) to the highest scorer. UK shipping free! If best player is not in UK, we can send award, but winner needs to pay for shipping. 

OR, if winner wants so, we can give promotional code with discount for next purchase on our website.