December 11, 2016



MoZZipatch™ is the patent pending innovative way to repel mosquitoes. It does not require any application to the skin. The very latest advanced technology is used to create the patch which means the active ingredient is gradually released as a spatial repellent creating a type of anti-mosquito force field which lasts for at least an 8 hour period. The smell is quite pleasant and natural with a subtle hint of lemon. This innovative method of delivery repelling mosquitos in a harmless way is considerably more convenient than using sticky-smelly lotions and sprays which commonly require regular re-application. MoZZipatch™ also has the substantial added benefit that it does not dilute or reduce the effectiveness of the use of suncreams and lotions.


How to use MoZZipatch™

  • Peel MoZZipatch™ off backing sheet & attach to clothing, bedding, pram or nearby objects
  • Similar concept to applying a band aid
  • Do not apply directly to skin